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Gears Of Apocalypse Sealed Booster Box - DB-BT03

Dragoborne Gears Of Apocalypse Booster Box DB-BT03 English Edition

The alliance between Tir na Nog and Logres has proved fruitful as the elves from both nations have found ways to set up strong defenses against the chaos and destruction. Little do they know the demons from Niflheim have been experimenting with new destructive magic that comes with a price... a price that isn't too expensive though; just a few lives of goblins... which so happens to be in abundance in Tauris. With the war keeping the 4 nations occupied, Olous has been busy plotting something of their own...

The third Dragoborne booster Gears of Apocalypse features cards from all of the five colours, allowing players to build all sorts of decks featuring dragons, angels, elves, demons, goblins, and more. Each Gears of Apocalypse display contains 20 packs of 8 cards, of which 1 or possibly more cards will be of R rarity or above!

Each Box Contains:
20 Booster Packs Each Pack contains 8 Cards At least 1 card in every pack will definitely be an R or above card

The Entire set available to collect from these packs contains:
120 types of normal cards RR: 10, R: 30, U: 30, C: 50 + 5 Secret Rare cards Parallel holo versions of all normal cards will also be randomly inserted

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